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When operating your own business, you can sometimes end up in situations in which your clients fail to pay you the money they owe, debt recovery becoming a legal matter or contracts with clients and employees become disputed.

More often than not, we consider legal intervention as a last resort.

However, at Green Fairy we have a long history of providing legal services to our clients when proceedings cannot be settled otherwise.

We provide you with a simple and clear route for the issuing and enforcement of Country Court Administration, as well as statuary demand preparation and service.

The delivery of a comprehensive legal service can prove to be invaluable when dealing with your business's reputation and at Green Fairy we have access to a wide range of legal agents. 

Green Fairy's legal administration services work in relation to:

  • Debt recovery litigation services –we will explain your options and only act when you are completely happy with the process.
  • Contractual disputes - we have sector specific knowledge and experience in complex contractual disputes, which we always aim to deal with outside of court.
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency – we will prepare and serve statutory demands on your behalf and follow these up with either a bankruptcy or winding-up petition.

Our focus is on your best interests in recovering your debt or maintaining your reputation, so we’ll keep you informed throughout the proceedings, while offering advice and guidance throughout the process.

Whether it is a matter of serving papers to an individual or company, or instigating legal proceedings against a debtor, Green Fairy can provide a solution for you.

At Green Fairy we always put our clients' needs first so we prefer to listen to each individual case and advise on requirements before a charge is made. Our legal adminstration services can be available at an hourly rate or fixed price, dependant on each unique case.

If you think you need legal services, then call now on 01789336111 for free, no obligation advice or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

Alternatively fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.


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